Summer Love

I’ve always loved bad weather

It removes the sunshine

All the children

All the laughter

The fancy cars

The twentysomethings in their skimpy outfits

The long days

The illusion that it gets better every day

The bike riders who demand too much road space,

The ice cream trucks, and the dog walkers who refuse to scoop.


All we’re left with is a monochrome grayscale of our world

As rain falls and gray clouds engulf our sky

As if we forgot to colour this picture in

As if we’ve got less time on our hands

As if we’ve grown up

As if we’ve gone back in time

As if life is crumbling

As if this moment is exactly how we feel inside.


I’ve always loved bad weather

We get 90 days of summer

We spend the other 275 wanting what we don’t have.

Summer is the most anticipated time of year – until it’s here

So I’ll stick with the snow

The beautiful ice crystals, gently swaying with the wind

Loving the 90% traffic reduction

Loving the crisp, smog-free air

Loving the hot chocolate

Loving the tobogganing

Loving the snow days

Loving the Christmas specials wrapped up in a blanket.


I’ve always loved bad weather

But more importantly, I just hate warm weather

The sun gets to everyone’s heads

Everyone falls in love

Then everyone comes to their senses

Then the love is over, and so is summer

So if you see the sun today

Ask it kindly to sleep behind the storm clouds

Ask it to hide its rays

Ask it to dim its light

Ask it to shine away from me

So he can’t tell I’m crying




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Lets Talk About Sex (Clickbait)

I’ve been sitting on this topic for a while, the new Sex Ed curriculum (sorry to those who thought this was going in a completely different directon). The evolution of sexuality, the barriers of yesteryear deteriorating. I’ve been asked my opinion on the recent gray areas of social and sexual equalities. Now I’m not sure when or why it happened, but I’m completely numb to many of the uncomfortable scenes on television screens that most can’t watch without peeking through the cracks of their fingers. It could be a number of things; amazing parenting, a born and bred Canadian, or simply one too many episodes of Game of Thrones and Sense 8. I digress, whatever the factors, not much makes me uncomfortable especially when it’s educational.

A few months ago I was sent hyperlinks with a message asking me to vote against the Sex Ed curriculum, one that puts emphasis on identifying physical differences between genders, bullying, etc… To put my response to all of it in one simple word:


It’s been a general consensus that “knowledge is power” for as long as I can remember. Young adults of today are currently stuck in a wedge of two very strong-willed forces. Rights for non-mainstream sexualities, love/lifestyles are becoming increasingly acceptable. Meanwhile, we still don’t have the knowledge on how to properly address someone who does not identify within the lines of social normality.

The other side: our parents, grandparents, and culture engraved in our upbringing; ones our elders won’t soon let us forget. Young adults represent the air between an unstoppable force of change and revolution, and the immovable object of culture, religion, and history. We are simultaneously learning to accept new and ground-breaking lifestyle, while being dragged by the ear in the opposite direction by our older and most respected loved ones.

Enter: children of tomorrow

Post New Sex Ed Curriculum, these children have been correctly educated on the same things we’ve had to read on a Wiki page. From Grades 1-12, these children have learned how to think for themselves when confronted with someone who is different, and not be influenced by their peers, or parents biased to their own upbringing. These are the kids that will educate their parents on the LGBTQ community, and why they are just as equal as anyone else.

If being human is the extraordinary ability to firstly, be consciously aware of the ability to think (we think about thinking!). Secondly, raw emotion; love, hate jealousy, anger, all so potent in the makeup of our consciousness. Although amazing, these are the same emotions that can lead us to be the most passionate animals on earth, or the vile creatures we have the capability of being.

Children of tomorrow, this is what it truly means to be the future. This is another stepping stone into the humanity of tomorrow. It’s hard to believe we once lived in a world that had black humans and white humans drinking from separate water fountains. If there’s one thing we can learn from both, the new generation, and the old – is that humans will continue to fight for their rights; for what they believe in.
This curriculum will help ease an inevitable transition into a broader understanding of just how unique each and every single human is.

I won’t bother mentioning some of the concerns from those who oppose the new curriculum that is not the purpose of this post. However, I will add that children will learn one way or another about everything the world and it’s inhabitants have to offer. Why not learn about this the right way?

Of course, we could just strap them to a chair and let them watch decades of footage of those who spoke out against the social norms in the past.

No matter what your religion, ethnicity, or sex preference, knowledge is invaluable.


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Next month will mark my ten year anniversary

If you ask me, I’m kept hear to meet regulation diversity

There’s been something in the air since the day I started

An odour no one seems to realize until they’ve departed

It looms over, dark clouds to begin thunder

Believing the sky is green till the day we look up and wonder

And question the knowledge bestowed upon us

Living in a fantasy, sipping magic from the chalice in our wonderlust

Turn it inside, thats when we realize

We know nothing at all,

Akon is set to provide 600 million people in Africa with power

But the media has you more concerned with where Caitlyn Jenner will shower…


Someone’s gotta say it

Might as well be me

Trust more of what you feel

And less of what you see

Less of what you hear

More of what you want to be.


Your parents should be your role models

Not the LA song writer getting drunk off over-priced bottles

We traded knowledge for looks

Novels for Facebook

Followers for neighbours

Shelving empathy thinking we’ll have time for it later.


We know nothing at all

We know nothing John Snow

It’s hard to be warm-hearted when everyone is so cold

Behind a screen it’s all facetious

Disconnected, our kindness leaves us

Where do we begin when the worlds coming to an end

Collapsing on itself

Lost souls scream for help

The ones who need it the most

Convinced they’re by themselves

The sun explodes

Blinding us…




Now we see the light

The errors of our ways

I woke up like this, brainwashed –

We’re the new slaves

Hurricanes in Disney Land

Bombs over Baghdad

Blizzards in Los Angeles

The air turns cancerous

Survivors lose their sanity

Destruction of humanity.


With every end, a new beginning

New smiles from new faces

No discrimination at the cause of a race

This is just a taste

The future is up to you…


Thank you to all the free thinkers
Fools for love,
Wine drinkers
You keep me swimming
In the waves that you leave behind
Seem to give me peace of mind
Always looked for ways to thank you
Never found the time
Your words are my prescription glasses
Your imagery, my prostatic legs
Your calming thoughts, your smooth demeanor
Soft pillows on my bed
You take the words right off my tongue
Before I could even have said one
You hurt my head
But kiss it better
The short-shorts to my hot days
And on the cold ones,
The sweater for my bare arms
It’s you that keeps me from having the urge
To bear arms
And open fire at those who’ve done me wrong
Your love inspires me to be more
Realizing there’s a difference between what I work
And what I live for
Floating away on your waves
Until I reach the next shore
You are the love within a loved life
So no matter where this world ends up
I know we’ll be alright
There’s not a cloud in the sky…

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Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children

Good read

Digital Insights and Inspiration

Excerpt from this article:

Parents, grateful for ways to calm disruptive children and keep them from interrupting their own screen activities, seem to be unaware of the potential harm from so much time spent in the virtual world.

“We’re throwing screens at children all day long, giving them distractions rather than teaching them how to self-soothe, to calm themselves down,” said Catherine Steiner-Adair, a Harvard-affiliated clinical psychologist and author of the best-selling book “The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age.”

…Two of my grandsons, ages 10 and 13, seem destined to suffer some of the negative effects of video-game overuse. The 10-year-old gets up half an hour earlier on school days to play computer games, and he and his brother stay plugged into their hand-held devices on the ride to and from school. “There’s no conversation anymore,” said their grandfather, who often picks them…

View original post 127 more words

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Because I Never Write Humorous Content

You are the perfect employee: on time, stays late, never complains. You excel at every aspect of the job, nothing gets in your way in the workplace; nothing except for that door in the back of the office. That dreaded door, the one they dare to place the silhouette of a woman on with the words “enter” written underneath her. This, is the hardest part of your day.

You creek the loud, heavy, bathroom door open and head for the toilet. Feel claustrophobic as usual, you prepare your seating arrangement. You’ve read the articles, and watched the videos Should I Hover or Cover and you’re fully aware that without an open cut, bacteria has no way in, even without your third layer of toilet paper. But, you’ve done too many squats at the gym to let anything get in the way now. Just as your toilet paper cushion seat is finally finished, that’s when the fear strikes, another toilet user, no amount of training can prepare for this you think to yourself.

There you are, sitting down on your toilet paper seat, wondering how it is she was able to walk in, unbutton, and sit at virtually the same time as you. Clearly, she didn’t prepare her seat, gross you think to yourself, surely if you’re not covering, you have to hover. Now comes the awkward silence, you break out into the cold sweat that is the long wait for that first sound that starts it all, you’re now stuck, sitting next to, someone who might as well be a complete stranger, you can only see her all black knock-off Doc Martens, and her fitted blue jeans that lay wrapped around her ankles. Now you’re in a race to finish up so that you can meet her on the outside and put a face to the very poor workplace bathroom etiquette she’s displayed.

You’re too late though, you’ve gotten so obsessed with the identity of this bathroom bandit, she’s already flushed the toilet with her hands; the horror, the thousands of bacteria flying through the air as the toilet water swirls. Everyone knows you open the stall door, then use an outstretched leg to flush, this way you can escape the small confinement of toilet space before any real harm is done.

You finish up and escape to the sink. It’s too late, she’s gone and you’ll have to awkwardly start looking at the floor to identify the culprit. Lunch is in fifteen minutes and if you don’t find her soon, the weekly office jog would commence, with everyone switching clothes you could lose her forever. The thought of shaking her hand sends a cold shiver down your back as you pull your long-sleeve shirt over your hand to pull the door handle open, back into the office to find solace.

Happy Belated Canada Day / Friday Jr.!


This was a tribute to the awesome ASAP Science youtube channel. They are beautifully illustrated and the narration is great. Video lengths are ideal for all ages – cant really say enough about this gem of a channel. Thought I’d pay some homage to it. I’ve never been in a women’s bathroom, but i’ve been told its worse than the male bathroom. I also felt it would be more humorus from a female’s perspective. I think most men genuinely don’t consider the scenario of the story as big of a deal. I also, saw my girlfriend’s personality in this character which made it all the more amusing to write.

Jay ~

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Tell us how you really feel # ?

Hello my supporting cast, this one’s long overdue.

I can’t even remember the last time I blogged without masking behind one of my fictional characters. I apologize if I’ve been distant.

Lately I’ve been having much more “success” writing in that format as opposed to blogging this way. I guess words flow when parts of you are sprinkled into your writing, instead of these segments; which when I think about it, is really just me thinking out loud. I’ve also dabbled into poems lately and I’d have to say they are more challenging than anything literature based I’ve ever attempted. Maybe, I’m starting to develop some direction in all of this, or maybe I’m just losing my touch.

This page has matured with me, grown with me, at least I’d like to think – I never thank you – the viewers (including myself) for what it’s all done for me. I don’t always seem immediate results, but I really can’t see the person I’d be if I wasn’t able to express myself in words over the fifty entries I’ve made on this domain in the past few years. If my activity has dwindled lately, it’s not that I’ve disappeared, it just means I’m living; and more importantly learning. I’ve signed up for multiple Blog 101 seminars, but I never end up reading a single entry. I’m not interested in forcing myself to blog about anything, for the sake of posting.

The Actor Playing Me was an experiment, to view myself from a third-person perspective. In more ways than one, it’s accomplished that. I’ve taken on the roles of a killer, a lover, a cheater, a woman, an addict, a bisexual, an adult and a child – I’ve really lived multiple lives – even if for only a few short sentences in these entries. I can’t think of any other way one life can account for so many. In this subtle way, I’m blessed.

 Sometimes I feel like quitting, but I simply won’t allow myself. As I continue to live on, so will this blog – The Camera’s Always Rolling



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Forever? Forever eva? Foreva Eva?

When I was a child, my mother would kiss me on the forehead, after watching me struggle to make bunny ears with my shoes laces. She’d complete this impossible task within seconds, tie the laces tightly and say “I love you, always and forever.”

When I was a young boy, my father and I would play basketball. We’d play a game to twenty-one points, and he’d always beat me. He’d ruffle my hair after the game, smiling he’d say “one day, you’ll beat me. Nothing lasts forever.” Continue reading

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A Heart Divided

There’s a war going on outside we’re not safe from
Every day, twenty-four hours, he battles
Every day he survives
Every day he returns to war
Every day, part of him dies
Enemies from the east
Enemies from the west
The distinct reminder of an antiquated, everlasting love

There’s a war going on outside we’re not safe from
Every night he lies awake
Thoughts of being decisive
Thoughts of seeing the world black and white
His colour-cursed perspective keeps him up at night
As his demons hound his wandering soul back to his war-torn body
His tired mind, sore shoulders, and heavy heart
Every night, he dreams of Him
Every night, he dreams of Her
Enemies from the north
Enemies from the south
The distinct reminder of an unexplored love

There’s a war going on inside we’re not safe from
Every morning, he prepares for war
Every morning, he grabs his sword
Every morning, he grabs his shield
Every morning, he enters the battlefield
The objective is survival; the same it always is
Enemies on either side
She smiles at him; killing him with kindness
He walks into class, ignoring him; killing him with blindness
The distinct reminder of a heart divided

There’s a war going on within, he’s not safe from
The distinct reminder of an antiquated, everlasting love
The distinct reminder of an unexplored love


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Little Weapon

20/20 vision’s what I prefer to see the world through.

They cry ‘life ain’t fair’, I call that old news

Stabbing, shooting, carnage – riots

When people get violent

Bystanders, mumbles, whispers – deaf ears

when people stay silent

Swiss knives for the naughty wives,

Who help their kids make grade

Sledgehammers for the bangers

I’m sure they’ll feeel* me

Newly equipped pistols, for the school bully’s pimples

Girls in glitter

Red dots at their livers

Scope for the aim

Life’s a bad game

With Bad rules, gold for fools

I know, I’ll make it better

Ms. Maryland, 9th grade teacher

I wrote you this letter

It reads:

When I was young, they taught me
To be good and good will come unto you
When being so nice, they trample you-
Tell me what’s a teenage boy to do?
I make the honour role,
I set life goals,
I never skipped a day of class
I looked everywhere, high and low
I find no solace besides in this flask.
Wild life in the backyard,
Turn livestock into a graveyard
I’d like to think that after this
We all move on to a better place
So this arsenal of mine
Just speeds up the pace


Rat-tat-tat where those folks now?
Rat-tat-tat where those jokes now?


“$55 dollars is your total” the cashier proclaims

I hand him three twenties, tell him to keep the change.

Sifting through my wallet for my bus pass

Man, I can’t wait for the next day of class.



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Love in Ten Lines

I’ 100% sure this is a good idea

If you’ve known me long enough, or have been following this blog I call a movie, you’ll notice two very distinct personality traits about me and my writing:

1. I’m extremely competitive

2. I don’t write positive stories very well.

However, I did stumble onto “Love in Ten Lines” Challenge going around via SoulGirl‘s beautiful blog. I had to try it, and that leads us to the rules:

1. Write about love using only 10 lines.
2. Use “love” in every line.
3. Each line can only be 4 words long.
4. Nominate 10 Or So others who are up for the challenge.
5. Let them know about the challenge.
6. Title the post, Love in Ten Lines
7. Include a quote about love

Let me start by saying this was much harder for me than I initially thought it would be, but I’ve produced something simple, clean and still has a scent of “me” on it, whoever me is…

My nominees:

Disha, CJ, Wonder Woman, and Luther who’s just released a new book so check it out!


Love in Ten Lines


I’ve loved poorly

I’ve loved strong

I’ve loved too short

I’ve loved too long

Hated writing love poems

Hated singing love songs

Loved watching love live

Hated seeing love die

Loving life’s last breath

Loving heart’s goodbye

“I won’t go, I can’t do it on my own,
If this is ain’t love, then what is?
I’m willing to take the risk” – Adele

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