Pawn to E4

The game of Chess is beautiful.
Undoubtedly, so are you.
Just like Chess,
My appreciation for your design is rudimentary.
Maybe I don’t understand you yet,
Perhaps I need more time.
A determined individual I am;
The stars will align.
If I could move like the Knight,
Be brave and bold.
Say everything just right,
Raining fear from above –
Unorthodox traversing,
Putting the L in love

How about straight-forward like the Rook?
But the Rook is in, then he’s out.
No time to remember all the pieces he took.
Is this the honest hour? Oh, well
Im inclined to tell,
I want this moment to last.
Taking precaution on my next move,
Refusing to let it pass too fast.
And I just want a sample,
I just want a piece,
Slide across the city like the Bishop
Just to be discreet.
Or I could take it slow,
Like the Pawn:
One step at a time,
Weakest of my advances,
But one thing on his mind.

You see there’s nothing like that first time
When our eyes met.
Heavy breathing, steamy Windows,
A painted picture, I won’t soon forget.
Speaking of heavy breathing,
I can’t seem to control mine.
If I don’t get my King out of here,
It’ll be game over in no time,
But my Rook is shook
My Bishop is trapped –
(Maybe I should get on top of that…)
Just need a way across the pond
To get next to you Queen,
We only ever play at midnight
So I turn on the high beams,
To witness everything that I’ve been dreaming for,
I see my victory,
And so much more.
Its dark outside, but clear to see
I want you to remember me.

Posted in the corner like a student in detention,
Is my last shivering Pawn.
And my King won’t stand at attention,
As you go in for the kill
I wonder if I’ll get this chance again…
She puts her hand around my neck,
I release the tension in my fists.
She places a smile on her face,
And a kiss on my lips.
She says “it’s getting late”
As her Queen slides to E4,

There will be more games,
More chances to win.
We reset the pieces,
And the match begins.

~ Jay

About 50 shadesof jay

I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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