Something boils inside

Confessions of a damned love

Head to the sky, mercy me Father above

Six Hail Mary’s please forgive


Endless Shots of sin

Smoking on profanity

The brown paper bag blues

Have a way of catching up with you


The rush we used to feel

Dining and dashing

The law on our heels

A united front

The Kane to my Abel

Pulling off all kinds of stunts


Now we tip toe around every corner

Fear in every step resides

No longer worried about the townspeople

But the faces we don’t recognize

Wishing I could take your hand

Somewhere that we could run and hide

Maybe click our heels and escape

On a magic carpet ride

But this ain’t Disney

Yearning for a swim, in your Oceania

But this ain’t Sydney

Aware of the dangers

But when we’re apart

We might as well be strangers


It’s frustrating

It’s exhausting

The ducking and diving

Sneaking and hiding

Half-truths, but mostly lying

Holding hands in private

Scanning empty rooms for cameras

A sight to see so preposterous

A love so Innocuous


Protesters march

Pitchforks and torches

The streets are locked down

Stunting our advances

Small towns with deaf ears

No place for first chances

Self-harm coping with the pain

But we’re just dying to live


We’re different colours on the surface

But we both feel love inside

Confessions of a damned love

During the Apartheid

Jay ~


About 50 shadesof jay

I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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