Post New Year Advice

By now I’m sure the Good Life’s, World gym’s, and other muscle building hangouts have made their quota for the year with the surplus of hopefuls rushing to sign up or renew memberships for 2016. Although my new year has been nothing short of painfully dreadful (but to be fair 2015 ended on a decline)  I’d like to offer some words to the wise before you all step on that scale today with optimistic hopes.

Just recently, an old workout partner of mine were conversing.  I hadn’t seen him in awhile and we were catching up.
I’m about 150 pounds soaking wet, and although I can’t pinpoint my exact height, I still need the tips of my toes to reach some items in your average kitchen.

It’s safe to say whatever athletic ability I maintain is surely through the power of youth and natural athleticism. Sure, I’d love to walk around the 4 percent body fat, but that’s just not happening,and I’m completely OK with that.

During my casual chat with Old Workout friend,  he pinched my arm to see how much bigger I’ve gotten since he’s last seen me, to be frank he was unimpressed. In the midst of trying to explain that we went in together, and without him providing the other half of the funds he shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of my “gains”. He proceeded to pompously lift his sleeve to expose his biceps. “let me show you what I’ve been working on”  he says, paying more attention to the veins on his arm than the reasoning as to why I didn’t look the way he was expecting. I won’t even begin to list all the signs of narcissism I witnessed in the span of one conversation.

I remember staring at the ceiling that night, wondering if he ever cared how my progress was going, and simply took it as an opportunity to display his own achievements. I’m in no way a lifter, and will most likely never be one, so there isn’t anything to be jealous about, I was confused  more than anything as I came to the realization the conversation had lost its genuine sense of interest- if it ever had one, between engaging parties. If this had happened to me before in a different way, I’ve never noticed before now.

This is yet another year for you to gauge your progress. If that includes the way you look,  don’t let anyone adjust the lense you see yourself through. If they do, you become your worst enemy;and when that happens, nothing will ever be good enough.


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I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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