Walk, Man

I used to love her

Remember when we were young?

We were inseparable

I’d rap along dumb

To every song you sung

I’d finish your sentences

I brought you everywhere I went

Parents hating on all the time we spent

They said “I wish you studied your books the way you study that thing”

Christmas Eve couldn’t compare to the joy you’d bring

On restless nights, I’d listen to you talk till I fell asleep

I’d wake up the next morning to still find you here with me

As we got older, you taught me the explicit side

Your words changed, but you never killed my vibe

Other people hating on you but id never sway

They’d tell me that werent worth my time

That you’ve passed away

But I kept fighting the good fight, I stayed by your side

We still walked, Walkman in hand, stride for stride

And in my heart, is where I kept you when you weren’t around

I’d listen to your old voice notes until the sun went down

I was sure nobody could take you from me

Watch them imitate your beauty on TV

But when I see now

I barely recognize you

This inflated world, has helped super-size you

I still hear you time to time from another man’s car

I like to think he treats you better but I wouldn’t go that far

I used to listen to every word you’d say

He just turns you up and bobs, once he’s pressed play

He doesn’t listen to your vocals, or how much you’ve improved

He drowns your message out with the bass

And how it makes him move

We try to talk sometimes

Today, it’s like we speak different languages

Maybe its destiny

The way it’s meant to be

We grow out of each other

We fall out of love eventually

But I still awkwardly remember the good times

The dopamine in my brain

The Louis lane to my Clarke Kent

The  Parker to my Mary Jane

Maybe one day we’ll wake up

And be in love again

I used to love her

Oh, when I used to love her


Jay ~


About 50 shadesof jay

I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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