Blank Stares

How long can a blank page stay blank?

The question I’ve asked myself over and over the past few months.

It’s only once you’ve typed the question out itself,

How long can a blank page stay blank?

This is the moment you realize, your page is no longer blank

Well now what?

Do you force yourself to create an entire blog post on the basis of nothing? Do you ramble until you hit your word quota? Well unfortunately for your sorry lack of skill, you’ve already done blogs on both those of those topics so better look elsewhere!

Should you write about ISIS?

And how creative their Facebook page is?

Maybe about bondage and submission

Or how you walked door-to-door for commission

Should you write a new story?

Return your page to its past days of glory?

Should we talk about being a man again?

Because I fail to keep up with the Kardashians?

How many words can I fit on a page?

As I sit back, laugh, scoff at my age

My the diminishing child in me

Still enjoys watching Christmas specials on Disney

It feels like I’m drowning

Surrounded by oxygen

Like i’m locked in a box

With a key that I’ve swallowed

Windows that I broke

Mirrors all around

But strangely no smoke

If I could just get my foot into the door

I’d tell them how passionate I am

How high my ceiling is

How I can will my way into almost believing it

Winter is coming and my heart’s getting cold

Colder than the Winter Soldier

While he’s getting a little older

Standing next to a White Walker

Using ice cubes as fodder

In the middle of December

Oh, is that why this Christmas is drier than I remember?

So how long can blank page stay that way?

For as long as you have nothing to say

This is the milk with no cereal

Actors with no theatre

So this is More About Nothing

No Wale feature

And to those who have expected better

Really I apologize

I’ve kept my absence up

Much longer than i had prophesied

J ~


About 50 shadesof jay

I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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