Good Morning

I remember studying for geography tests when I was younger. I’d life my oversized grade five text book right to my face, reading the names of the Province’s, Capitals, and territories over and over again. When I felt I had studied them sufficiently enough, I’d close my textbook, wipe my the cover, close my eyes and begin to recite what I had learned. If I made and mistakes I’d swing the textbook upwards, slapping it in the square of my forehead. I’d repeat this process till I had everything memorized.

In my twenty three years, I’m wondering my bizarre system learning has changed at all.
For awhile, I’ve been operating under the impression that I was inviting you into a vast perspective of how i see the world. However, multiple times this year i’ve been shown just how small that perspective is. If I truly believe in something, I will fight my point til my dying breath, but in order to grow I cannot refuse the concerns of other beliefs around me.

My cousin laughed and said “you’d make a good Christian boy”
Sarcasitc laughter without Christmas joy
My friends tell me i should take up fashion
My girl thinks i should take up acting
First it was the nene
Now its watch me whip
Might as well drop out
With all the class you skip
You sing “way up i feel blessed”
When deep down your streesed
They want me to vote on this upcoming election
But im still focused on my own self-reflecting
They defile your name
Strip you of your clothes
While rappers all sing “we dont love them hoes”
They put a ball in your hand
And tell you where to shoot
You bring glory to their school
They tell you you’re a star
Knowing four years later
You wont get very far
But its good while it lasts
Its all just a game
And the just made a million off your name.
I’m still that kid smacking textbooks off my forehead till I get it.
I know, one day i’ll come to peace with it.
One day ill learn to deal with it.
I’ve been competitive
Way before my teens
But we’ve been divided
Long before we started picking teams,
You ever wonder what it all really means?


~ Jay

About 50 shadesof jay

I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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