Summer Love

I’ve always loved bad weather

It removes the sunshine

All the children

All the laughter

The fancy cars

The twentysomethings in their skimpy outfits

The long days

The illusion that it gets better every day

The bike riders who demand too much road space,

The ice cream trucks, and the dog walkers who refuse to scoop.


All we’re left with is a monochrome grayscale of our world

As rain falls and gray clouds engulf our sky

As if we forgot to colour this picture in

As if we’ve got less time on our hands

As if we’ve grown up

As if we’ve gone back in time

As if life is crumbling

As if this moment is exactly how we feel inside.


I’ve always loved bad weather

We get 90 days of summer

We spend the other 275 wanting what we don’t have.

Summer is the most anticipated time of year – until it’s here

So I’ll stick with the snow

The beautiful ice crystals, gently swaying with the wind

Loving the 90% traffic reduction

Loving the crisp, smog-free air

Loving the hot chocolate

Loving the tobogganing

Loving the snow days

Loving the Christmas specials wrapped up in a blanket.


I’ve always loved bad weather

But more importantly, I just hate warm weather

The sun gets to everyone’s heads

Everyone falls in love

Then everyone comes to their senses

Then the love is over, and so is summer

So if you see the sun today

Ask it kindly to sleep behind the storm clouds

Ask it to hide its rays

Ask it to dim its light

Ask it to shine away from me

So he can’t tell I’m crying




About 50 shadesof jay

I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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