Steve Jobs envisioned it
Tupac wrote about it
Obama spoke it into existence


I walked with purpose through the quick winds towards the entrance
I’m stopped by a man, no older than I am.


“Fam” he calls out.


An abbreviation for the word family. Since reaching this city it has monopolized the way we greet complete strangers; by calling them our relatives
I stare blankly in his direction


“You got any papes?” He asks.


“Nahsorrybronone” is all i can manage

Steve Jobs envisioned it.
Tupac wrote about it
Obama spoke it into existence


There I sat, directly across from her. Katherine, the only real mother i had the pleasure of having in my childhood years. I was given up for adoption at the age of thirteen. It must have been nine… no, ten years since she’d seen me. She’s aged beautifully, her accent still strong in the way she pronounced her U’s. She’s on the phone with her girlfriend. I can’t help but smile at her, hoping something in her mind will click.


I must be staring now. She’s probably thinking I’m some punk kid trying to send her signals. I just want her to recognize me, any part of me. Does she still think about me? About my brother? Why did she give us away? Why didn’t she keep in touch?


Why did she give up on us?
I have so many questions, I want her to know i still love her.
I want her to know i forgive her.
She just has to recognize me first.


Rosa Parks fought for it
Martin Luther King marched for it
Malcolm X died for it


I’ve become a face she doesn’t recognize
Another passing stranger
Perhaps this is why the Chinese say: the dullest ink is greater than the sharpest memory
I don’t blame her
If i could have just stayed twelve forever
If i didn’t have to grow up
If she didn’t have to grow old
If we didn’t have to change.


It’s inevitable
It’s unavoidable
It’s too late


Who knew I could be so tangible, yet so… permeable
It was nice to see you again Katherine
I’ve got so much to ask you, so much i want to tell you
But this train is moving too fast
This is my stop
And my final goodbye.
~ Jay

About 50 shadesof jay

I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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