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I often catch myself reminiscing on the old days, before these smart phones turned my race into mindless drones.
And I am no better…

Status update:
Attended my mothers funeral today.

Before leaving the house I took a selfie in my best suit. “It’s not every day I’m dressed like this” I thought to myself.

Riding through the six with my woes.

It didn’t matter that my 1,500 followers had no clue why I was dressed up, it’s not like they’d ask.

Phone is on vibrate while I text my real friends during the obituary. I receive condolences as replies. Each vibration representing a new notification makes me feel better. This Thursday I’ll post a #ThrowbackThursday with my mother in her younger days, and me as a baby.

Status update:
People love baby pictures.

I didn’t talk to many people during the funeral. Luckily the church had wifi so I could tweet out all the emotions I was feeling. My followers would understand, and they’d acknowledge my pain with retweets and favourites.

Status update:


You and 24 other people like this.

I made it to the bus stop five minutes before the bus was due, but I’ve left my phone on the bathroom counter in the church. I must run back. Missed the last bus running on this lonely Sunday. Time to walk home.

I tucked my phone away to keep it dry from the rain, but pulled it out when I thought I heard my ringtone. Figured I’d check for any notifications , updates, emails while I have it out- no new notifications.


Phone dry AF

3 retweets 5 *

“Battery critically low” sign flashes over the screen. A scream can be heard a few feet away. There’s a woman standing atop a fifteen story building.
She seems sad.
I pull my phone out.

“Don’t call the police, I’ve already made up my mind!”
She screams,

– Slide to unlock

” I mean it! I’ll jump!”

– Opening camera application.

“What are you doing?!”

– The red button makes a sound. recording 0:01

“Screw it!”

– Lens focuses.

Red and blue lights illuminate the now misty sky.
My pace has picked up, I’m almost running.
My hard steps dividing puddles beneath me.
I’ve got to get home.
I’ve got to post this video.
Imagine the likes.
Imagine the comments.
Imagine the shares.


~ Jay


About 50 shadesof jay

I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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