Sweater Weather

She opens her eyes slowly, trying to dim the blast of Sun rays parading into her eyes.
She turns her head and is greeted by a smiling face; the rest of the head and body attached; lie dormant, adjacent from her horizontal position.
The boy stares back into the sky, watching for clouds shaped like familiar faces.
He says nothing, wearing a smile on his face as he creates a picture frame with his index fingers and thumbs.
” pa-chink” he imitates the shutter sound.
She stares blankly back into the sky as they lay motionless.
“I thought to you were mad at me ” she says.
” I was ” he replies.
“You walked home with Jeremy today after school, and not me” he admits.
” I didn’t know you cared” she blushes.
She sits up, and looks at him pensively.
“Are your feelings hurt?” She asks.
“Yup” he replies.
“He’s kind of a jerk” he adds.
“Yeah, he is” she admits.
“Then why are you here?” She snorts.
“Thunder only happens when it rains” he says calmly.
She lays down, contemplating the boys words.
The cool Autumn winds made it nearly impossible to predict the weather this month. Meteorologists had predicted today to be a cold, windy and rainy. Instead, a beautiful magenta sunset was cascading behind the mountains this evening.
Finally, she asks,
“how long have you been here, waiting for me to open my eyes?”
He turns to her, their noses touching.
“All my life”.
~ Jay

About 50 shadesof jay

I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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