The Final Hour

Looking for a masculine touch
She picked his brain about the disdain of remembering stuff…
He didn’t mean to stumble too much,
By the time they got to intimacies
She’d just sit there and blush…
Looking for a partner to better the wealth
Instead of looking for a special someone to better themselves.
Convinced that it’s a better option than sitting on shelves;
Holding a sign: Heart for sale
I feel your pain; no need for Braille.
On my way for your heart; on the world’s slowest snail…

For these two love-birds, that wasn’t the case, they got married, had kids and settled down to a place…
Where love was a merit, enough family to share it. Where loneliness couldn’t get in, unity was apparent… And hate wouldn’t dare it. Strong bonds between the two of em, outsiders couldn’t tear it…
Time heals all wounds, simultaneously the only thing is able to consume – us – all, and last year before the Fall, the leafs blew on windy day, while time took his love away…

Wishing we could go back to when we played as kids
When we’d play Hide and Seek for the amount of hugs id give.
Tell me where that life has gone,
Space between my fingers where yours are needed so my fist stays strong…

The sound of my heartbeat is faint
I can feel ours when my eyes close. Doc to pull the plug, let my demise ensue
The strain on the family that my death cannot undo
My cousins and grandchildren promise to hang out more, but the minute the tears stop, they’ll be sure to ignore…
Each other once again, life will move on
So “the song that never ends” will have no one to sing along.
The casket will be buried, grass-grown on the surface. Trees atop of where I lay – I think they’re here to stay; when I think about it, so am I, so many people didn’t get the chance to say goodbye…

So if you talk to my husband once more, tell him I love him. He’s got a special aura to him, one that simply won’t give in, he’s got a household to maintain, grandchildren to watch over. Christmas dinners to host,
To enjoy the leftovers,
Of the family tree we’ve been part of, be the man you were meant to be. My Love, nothing is meant to last for eternity. Wipe the tears from your old eyes, our family has much more to do.
Meanwhile, I’m in a better place…
Waiting for you.

~ Jay

About 50 shadesof jay

I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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