Breaking Bad

“That’s it” she pants, rolling over from an exhilarating experience.
No heart on her sleeve
Just an S on her chest
Stands for Sexual deviance
Off the high of romance
Lust is in the air
I can’t begin to explain to you
Just how much she cares

About this guy
She Really knows nothing about
The enjoyment seems endless
But behind a reasonable doubt
her fear of being lost
Her inner demons scream and shout
The words she explains hurt him
The punches she pulls hurts her more
She starts ” listen I…” –
He cuts her off,
“don’t go there, I’ve heard it all before”
They dismiss their conversation
One last chance to grab their thoughts
She reminisces on the time they spent, and the times they fought
He wonders where to go from here
He panics, going out of his mind
Possibly out of the atmosphere
They reconvene
And it seems
It was never meant to be
She can sense it in his lies
He can see it in her eyes
She says ” you’ll find better ”
He insists ” I wrote you a letter, I enclosed it with a kiss. If you never find your way back to me all I want you to know is this: you’ve put a genuine smile on my face, one I won’t soon forget. Just follow your heart, open your mind and never ever neglect,
The time we trenched through the snow, my feelings are clearer than Walter’s Meth”
She laughs and asks ” are you breaking bad?”
And gives him the kiss of death.


About 50 shadesof jay

I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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