Tell Us How You Really Feel #2

I felt it was my responsibility to check in with you guys. I have been behind my story telling lately. One of my many hats I guess. I like patting myself on the back hearing the content on here is really great.

The Desire series is finished. I has fun writing it.
BUT ( there’s always a but).
I wrote the story with 10 chapters in mind, so there will be two additional pieces of content regarding our favourite Toronto lovebirds. Call it “extras” like on your average day DVD or blue-ray disc. Thanks to the readers who gave feedback, it’s tremendously important for growth of this blog.

The next set of Ezekiel stories that – for some reason has no official title, will be short one pagers. I can understand not being able to keep up with the ongoing narratives. So if you’re disappointed I’m switching it up a little bit,

Just be happy I’m still writing.


About 50 shadesof jay

I figure I can browse for a home on the line, faster than i'll be able to buy one made of bricks.
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